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A Slow, Sustainable Revolution: The Bayrli® Pre-order System

Clothes are carefully sewn for assembly by a clothing designer

The quality, reliability, and sustainability of Bayrli products is made possible thanks to a system that focuses on rigorous durability and strives for carbon neutrality and zero waste. We’ll explain what it means for you, how it works, and why in this post. 

You may already know that we we offset all carbon emissions for which we are responsible.

You may already know that we insist our manufacturers avoid any material that is dangerous to produce, dangerous for your skin, and dangerous for our planet. And we always choose recycled and natural materials over synthetic ones.

The Bayrli Pre-order system offers an escape route from the dominant cycle of consumer culture that pressures people to buy more and more, faster and faster. We hope that the small space between ordering from us and receiving your products only adds to the experience of getting crafted diapers, and accessories that you know has been made with by a small, dedicated team in real time. 

This is very different to how our industry or how fashion normally works. We have defined our own mission, our own method by refusing to be part of a flawed system. We realise these are lofty words, but we hope to be the seed of change.

So how does it work?

Beginning July 2022, we will significantly reduce inventory on hand, and focus our efforts on minimal waste throughout our supply chain. By doing so, our costs will reduce, and you benefit from the savings.

If you choose to pre-order, you automatically save 20%.

You order. We produce. We deliver when you choose.

And you get the same unrivalled lifetime warranty.

Why are we doing this?

Across our industry and almost any textile industry without exception, clothing and garments are pre-made in large quantities. Overproduction is considered an acceptable loss to keep fashion and styles fast and fluid. Because if it’s pre-made, it will ship to you quicker. But if it’s pre-made it may also never leave the warehouse. 

Globally, more than 150 billion items of clothing and garments are produced every single year. While its not known exactly how much of this fails to sell, and companies understandably decline to disclose this information, multiple studies and forecasts put the figure between 15% and 30%. Put simply, statistics like these point towards an environmentally damaging means of production. This is simply unsustainable.

Our whole ethos is quality products with lasting warranties and minimal impact. For a sustainable brand, it is simply immoral to minimise the impact of our materials, only to throw away what we can’t sell. As we continue to develop and design, older versions of products will be replaced be newer ones, and every product will continue to have our unrivalled lifetime warranty and lifetime customer support.

From now on, if its not sold, and its entirely functional, it will be donated to charities, and those who need our products the most.

Focusing on making only what you order means we’ll never waste dye, fabric, materials, water, time, energy, and labour on the designs we deem necessary to make. The ones that you have told us you want for yourself and your little ones. Minimising excess stock means we also don’t have to compensate for losses, allowing us to give you the fairest price. The benefits are shared by everyone. It truly is win-win.

Sustainability comes in many forms, and will only come by carving new paths; this path is one that is crawled slowly, deliberately and with purpose. That is the nature of the Bayrli Pre-order - a slow, sustainable revolution.