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Bayrli®What’s the best way to store my dirty cloth diapers between washes?

What’s the best way to store my dirty cloth diapers between washes?

What’s the best way to store my dirty cloth diapers between washes?

Choosing to use cloth diapers full time does not mean washing diapers constantly. So don’t worry. We can’t wash every single reusable diaper as soon as it’s been dirtied by our baby. It makes much more sense for our modern-day lives, and our modern, economical washing machines, to set them aside until you at least have a small load for your washer and your dryer. 

Step 1: Remove any waste

When a baby is exclusively breastfed their poop is completely water-soluble, so it can be thrown right into the washer without a second thought. Every parent will take some time to get their head around this. But it is nature’s gift to the breastfeeding, cloth diapering mom!  

However, as soon as even a little formula or food is introduced, or if your baby is one formula from birth, your baby’s waste (poo) is no longer water-soluble and all solids—or at least as much as possible—should be removed before washing. It is true that the modern washing machine will have no trouble with your baby’s poo, but do you really want it in there, and do you really want it being stored in your diaper laundry? Best to get rid of it immediately. 

However, some busy parents do choose to place dirty diapers aside until the end of the day, be it simply by forgetting or especially when they have been out of the house with the baby and putting soiled diapers in travel wet bags or travel cubes to bring home.

Step 2: Separate the inserts

Once you have received your baby’s waste and poo, some diapers may need some extra work to make sure they are thoroughly cleaned in the washing machine. Specifically, any inserts inside your pocket diaper, such as the Bayrli Everyday Diaper need to be removed before washing. 

Step 3: Unsnap the Diaper Wings

The next thing to do before laundry day is to make sure that the wings on your Bayrli reusable cloth diaper are not snapped together. This is simply to ensure your diapers are evenly washed. 

Step 4: Put the Cloth diaper in your diaper bag until laundry day

You can store dirty diapers in diaper pail, diaper bin, or a large wet bag until you have your wash day. The Bayrli Deluxe Hanging wet bag is the perfect hanging diaper bag and will hold enough nappies to hold you over until you have to wash your diapers.

Our Deluxe wet bag has two zippered pouches to keep wet and dry items separate or you can use one pouch for wipes and one for diapers, one for inserts and one for shells, or whatever you prefer. The zippers keep smells from escaping and the fabric keeps in all moisture and can be wiped clean or washed with your diaper laundry.

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