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Bayrli®What is PUL and TPU fabric? Why did we choose TPU for our reusable diapers and period pads

What is PUL and TPU fabric? Why did we choose TPU for our reusable diapers and period pads

When you begin to research cloth diapers and reusable pads, brands that are transparent will tell you if they use PUL or TPU in their design. Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) fabrics make reusable diapers and reusable pads waterproof. That’s it. They are essential, but there is a real difference between them.

This can be done in a few ways. No way is especially better when it comes to repelling moisture, however some ways may contribute to a slimmer and better fitting diaper or menstrual pad. Some reusable diapers have PUL or TPU between layers of fabric so that it’s not visible, while others may use it as the outer layer of the diaper or period pad. When used in this way, it can cause the diaper to dislodge despite a seemingly secure initial fit, or your menstrual pad to shift within your underwear while you move, so here at Bayrli we use a thin TPU coating on the inside of the outer layer for leak-proof comfort for your baby and for you. And, unlike most other bands, we’ve designed extra elastics and grips that feature on the external layers that will keep your baby’s diaper in place or your period pad in place. Your Bayrli products don't need these additional grips, but extra peace of mind is always welcome.

So why have we chosen to use TPU when most brands use PUL?

TPU is entirely toxin free

The significant difference between PUL and TPU is the production process. PUL is a type of plastic that uses chemicals in production, whereas TPU is bonded using heat rather than chemicals. That’s it. It’s a simpler, cleaner, and more efficient process. It is for this reason we advise you tumble dry on a low setting only, as despite our unrivalled cloth diaper warranty, it can damage the heat bonding on this waterproof layer.

We chose this type of coating as it’s the safest product to use. After all, think about where our reusable diapers and our period pads are going to be. In the early stages of design and manufacturing we considered using natural latex rubber instead, but there was a major problem; allergies. To make Bayrli cloth diapers accessible for everyone – including mothers and babies with latex sensitivity – we decided it was not viable route to take. And, while TPU is a type of plastic, it’s an inert material in the form that we use it in, thus there is no risk of allergies and reactions as there are no active compounds within our products. Our goal is clear and will never change; to make the longest lasting, comfiest, and safest products for both you, your baby, and the environment. Thus, for us, TPU is the only choice; it has a cleaner and safer production method that lets us rest easy knowing our own little one’s diaper is the safest it can be.

TPU is breathable

Cloth diapers and reusable menstrual pads with synthetic layers and plastic such as PUL tend to be bulkier and restrict air flow. Lack of air flow increases temperature, which increases moisture and sweat. This can be a severe combination for your baby, and something we simply refuse to allow in our products. A sweaty diaper will promote bacteria growth and can be a direct accelerator of yeast infections. At Bayrli we use a thin coating of TPU because it’s soft and breathable for a comfy fit and feel your baby is going to love.

TPU is what medical professionals use

Bayrli cloth diapers and Bayrli period pads are made of certified organic cotton which makes it safer to sit against your baby’s and your delicate skin. The outer layer of our products has a special TPU coating to prevent leaks. This is why we can say with confidence that when fit correctly, our diapers are leak-free. All of our products are CPSIA compliant, tested yearly by a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) accepted test lab. All entire range is free from harmful chemicals, materials, and metals. For us, TPU is the safest product to use because it’s the same medical grade TPU that’s used in hospitals, surgeries, and wards globally for wound dressings.

TPU has a better feel

PUL has a distinct feel. Ever put on a pair of leggings or a raincoat, only to noitce a distinct crunchiness to it and a certain sound when worn? This is PUL. And it’s uncomfortable and unbreathable. e we’ve mentioned, PUL uses a solvent and chemical process to laminate the polyurethane to fabric, while TPU uses heat without any solvents or extra chemicals to laminate the polyurethane to fabric. So we choose to use TPU. Our diapers will always stay soft. Bayrli diapers and Bayrli period pads will not ‘crunch’ like other brands because of this.


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