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Bayrli®What is 1% for the Planet, and why have we signed up?

What is 1% for the Planet, and why have we signed up?

Through a global network of businesses, non-profits, and committed individuals, 1% for the Planet is using collective, measurable action to tackle our most pressing environmental issues.

We have one planet, and we are currently asking too much of it. A race for the stars is a wonderful dream, but our primary focus must be to save what we have and to protect it for our next generation; our children. 1% for the Planet is the resulting non-profit from a simple idea; Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia founder, realised in 2002 that individuals and companies could work together towards a common goal. If we all profit from the Earth’s invaluable and finite resources in some way we should give back and protect the very entity that helps us survive and allows us to thrive. Put simply, if businesses commit to donate 1% of their annual revenue (not just profit), the collective commitment will enable focused, measurable, and immediate targeting to offset emissions.

The idea is actually very simple. Because companies profit from the resources they take from the earth, they should protect those resources. Through 1% for the Planet, corporations and consumers can connect with more than 3000 environmental organizations; from supporting sustainable food systems to improving water quality, from land rights to ocean rights, from ocean pollution to air pollution; we choose to support and to invest in the causes we feel strongly about. And because every non-profit involved is thoroughly vetted by 1% for the Planet on a regular basis, those that donate can rest assured their funds are providing direct aid to the organization of their choice.

Since 1% for the Planet came to be, the non-profit has provided over $300 million in funds to environmental organisations globally. In addition to financial aid, members are able to engage directly with non-profit partners through in-kind donations, volunteer time, and expert advice.

By certifying all donations, clear donation guidance, and fostering a collaborative dynamic, 1% for the Planet is able to empower collective action that results in real, quantifiable change and a better future for our planet.

For us, 1% is the minimum cost of doing business. For us, 1% is the least we can do, and we will declare each year exactly what we have done. For us, this is about our children. And if we all work together, and work now, 1% will make a big difference.

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