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Bayrli®The Difference between All In One Diapers and Pocket Diapers

The Difference between All In One Diapers and Pocket Diapers

When you consider choosing to reduce your impact and save money by switching to reusable diapers you will likely need to choose a diaper style as your primary go-to diaper in your collection. Most people either choose All-in-One Diapers or Pocket Diapers.

Here at Bayrli we encourage you to try each style to determine which style is best for your needs and your lifestyle.

All-in-One Diapers

Our version of these is the Deluxe Diaper. 

We have considerately manufactured our AIO cloth diapers from a super soft and breathable organic cotton and bamboo velour blend lining that is incredibly smooth against your baby’s skin. Combined with a waterproof outer layer, inner bamboo and organic cotton absorbency, and carefully placed hip snaps and stretchy elastics to give the diaper extra stability on your baby, it is a leakproof do-it-all diaper. And that’s the essential idea behind an AIO - they are the easiest to use, giving you absolute peace of mind against leaks.

Our ultimate diaper.

Pocket Diapers 

On the outside, they look just the same as All-in-One cloth diapers, but offer much more customization. Here at Bayrli, we call them the Everyday Diaper, because we have designed them to be just that; the perfect pocket diaper for any parent either outside the home or on the go aimed to be used every single day. Our incredibly stretchy, comfy, and trim-fitting diaper is a breeze to use in any environment.

On the inside of a pocket diaper you will see a sewn-in lining. This lining is usually made from microfleece, microsuede, athletic wicking jersey (AWJ), or can even be made from natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo, or a mix of these materials. A pocket diaper has either one or two openings at the front and back of the diaper. We have chosen two for your convenience and by having two this also allows you to leave the inserts inside of the diaper and they can agitate out on their own in the wash. This opening is simply a gap, where the lining is not sewn to the PUL or TPU layer of fabric that you see on the outside. See more about the difference between PUL and TPU here and why we went against the grain on this for your baby’s protection.

Pocket diapers are designed this way so that absorbent inserts may be placed inside the pocket that’s created between the lining and the PUL/TPU layers. This is obviously not possible in an All-in-One diaper. Placing inserts inside of that opening is called “stuffing” your pocket diaper.

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