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Bayrli®The Bayrli Referral Program

The Bayrli Referral Program

Refer your friends - They save and you save!

With meticulous research and design, a pioneering spirit and a lifetime warranty, Bayrli is sparking a movement around sustainable diapering with our easy-to-use, blowout-proof, leak-proof diapering system.

But we can't do it alone. We need your help. This program is designed to help you save and spread the word about reusable diapers and sustainable period wear.

What is it?

The Bayrli referral program is a one-of-its-kind program within the reusable diaper industry. Unlike many brands, with us there are no limits to how much and how often you can save.

How does it work?

Join our movement and share your passion for radically reducing diaper waste and saving money with your friends.

Every time a new friend uses your custom link to make a purchase, you'll receive a discount code for 25% off your next order. And by shopping via your link, your friends will get 15% off their first purchase! 

Should I just wait for a sale?

Of course you can. But this referral program has been carefully created to ensure no sale or code ever beats it. We mean it when we say that we want to spread the word on quality, eco-reusables to as many people as possible. 

Are there any limitations?

You can save as often and use your dedicated code on as large a purchase as you wish. The program is also global; if we ship to you, you can avail of the program. The program however cannot be used in conjunction with additional offers.

How do I get started?

Simply click this link to get started! Any questions, just ask.


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