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Bayrli®How Do I Store My Cloth Diapers Long-Term for Future Use?

How Do I Store My Cloth Diapers Long-Term for Future Use?

Why Should You Store Your Cloth Diapers For Future Use?

Saving money with cloth diapers is one of the biggest reasons we see many parents switching from single use diapers to reusable diapers. The savings speak for themselves over time with just one child, but what if you’re planning on diapering more than one baby? The great news is simple - you’ll save even more! 

Why Are There Specific Guidelines to Follow?

Storing diapers between washes is straightforward. But how do you store your reusable diapers between children? Why should you follow the proper guidelines to do so? Following these 'rules' of storing between babies for future use is the ideal way to do so to prevent any damage to your cloth diapers and ensure they come out of storage the same way they went in.

What Happens If I Haven't Stored My Cloth Diapers Properly?

If stored in the incorrect way, diapers can be prone to mold and mildew damage, stains becoming deeply set in, dirt and dust may build up, damage to the elastics at the legs, tummy area, and back panels, and issues can occur with the waterproofing layer of the diapers as well if left in improper temperature zones in the home.

So How Do I Properly Store My Cloth Diapers Long Term For Future Use?

There are a few steps to complete before you store your diapers away to ensure they are stored properly and can be used by your next child and a few steps to avoid. We’ll outline them below:

  1. Wash the diapers as you normally do, then do a second cycle with no detergent. This will ensure they’re clean and the detergent has been fully rinsed from the diapers to remove buildup.
  2. If you have any stains, sun them if possible. Or pre-treat before you wash as the stains may darken when being stored.
  3. Make sure everything is completely dry. If you skip this step you may damage the diapers with mold and mildew and bacteria can cause major issues.
  4. Place the diapers in a container that has good air flow such as a pillow case or mesh bag and make sure to avoid storing in plastic tubs and vacuum seal bags.
  5. Store the diapers in a cool, dry place as you don’t want extreme heat or cold. Temperature fluctuations can cause moisture issues as well, so choose a room that has a pretty even temperature year round.

Once you’re ready to use your diapers again, wash them before use as normal and you’re ready to reuse your diapers! 

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