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Bayrli®Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Share our passion. Tell our story. Grow together. 

At Bayrli, we’re passionate about what we do, and we love working with bloggers, influencers, and media whose core values align with our own. If living naturally, living sustainably, reducing waste, and protecting the health of people and our planet are important to you, we invite you to become a partner. Each partnership is unique, and we will tailor it precisely to your requirements and talents.

There are 3 ways to partner with us:

Brand Ambassador:

Who you are:

A proud advocate for sustainable living, health, reducing waste, and responsible environmentalism. In many instances, you are an existing Bayrli customer. You have a clear brand, passionate voice, and notoriety in your niche. You also have followers that value your opinion and are engaged with your content. Although a strong social following is important, size is not the deciding factor. The context of your brand, authenticity in your voice and uniqueness are most important to us.

What you give us and what we give you:

We provide complimentary product(s) and/or product discounts, and you share these products and experiences with your followers. We can provide resources, but always prefer that you create your own. We will collaborate with you on social media, and will seek to feature you as a customer story — which in turn, drives traffic and awareness back to you.


Who you are:

You are a journalist, editor, or content contributor at a magazine, newspaper, or lifestyle website. You have a unique voice, a strong and respected voice, ethical and editorial standards, objectivity, value journalistic independence, and serve a defined audience.

What you give us and what we give you:

We provide access to required resources, content, background information and complimentary product(s) as you require. We are happy to provide access to key team members for interviews to facilitate your editorial product. Our mission is to support you and liaise with partners and stakeholders to facilitate your assignment. Through our social media, we will drive traffic and awareness to you, and to your publication.


Who you are:

You seek to earn commissions by referring your audiences to our reusable products. You share our passion for all things quality and reusable, and possess an engaged, eco-conscious, and on-brand audience. Affiliates are often media partners, product reviewers, or brand ambassadors. All affiliate applications are manually reviewed by us to ensure that your site(s) are aligned with our corporate and brand values. We continue to review this relationship every 90 days.

What you give us and what we give you:

You’ll spread the word about Bayrli through value-added content or advertising on your site. When we sell a product that is the result of your traffic, you earn a significant commission. Our tracking window is a leading 180 days.

In addition to an amazing product that sells itself and a high-conversion website, we will provide you an assortment of marketing material. We are also willing to create custom resources for you, or discuss collaborative options.

Please note that affiliate sites that practice click-bait tactics or deliver content or an experience in conflict with our values, or operate in any unethical manner will be declined or immediately cancelled.

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