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Bayrli®How should I use cloth diapers when travelling?

How should I use cloth diapers when travelling?

Cloth diapers are just as easy to use on days out as disposable diapers. You only need one or two extra handy to have and storage accessories - a wet bag and/or a diaper pod! 

Once you need to change your baby’s diaper you can use a take-along stash in one of our Diaper Travel Cubes and grab and go. The travel cube is a handy product to have for days out as you can have your diapers pre-stuffed and ready to use in a jiffy. These also double for a great way to transport snacks, toys, reusable wipes, and more!

What do you do with the dirty diaper once you’ve changed your baby? Place it in one of our Everyday wet bags folded up until you arrive back home and you can then either keep them in that bag until wash day or transfer them into one of our Deluxe Hanging wet bags for storing until wash day. The Everyday bag features a snap handle which makes it easy to attach to your buggy, diaper bag, shower rods, or even throw over a hook to hang.

A bonus with our Everyday and Deluxe wet bags are that the zippered seal helps to contain any smells and keeps moisture locked inside and you can choose to either wipe them and reuse again for your next outing or wash them (inside out) with your diaper laundry.

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Bayrli®Can I use cloth diapers when my baby starts eating solids?

Can I use cloth diapers when my baby starts eating solids?

We’re often asked ‘What’s the best way to use cloth diapers when my baby starts eating solid foods?’  When your baby dirties in their diaper you should change them as soon as possible. If your baby...

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Bayrli®Are Cloth Diapers Hygienic?

Are Cloth Diapers Hygienic?

When most think about choosing reusable cloth diapers for their baby, the idea surrounding washing stops some parents in their tracks. Do I really put dirty diapers in my washing machine? Is it saf...

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