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Bayrli®Can I use cloth diapers overnight?

Can I use cloth diapers overnight?

Can I use cloth diapers overnight? And how should I use cloth diapers overnight? 

We recommend using a reusable cloth diaper that is specifically made to be comfortable and super absorbent to keep you and your baby happy overnight. Our Bayrli Inners, made with either a coffee fiber or white fleece lining, will keep your little baby dry, provide excellent absorbency, and great coverage. They include a fleece topped bamboo booster and a snap in hemp booster. The Inner itself is made with an interior of stay dry fleece and hemp giving your baby the most absorbent fitted diaper on the market today. This will need an outer waterproof diaper cover, such as our Bayrli Outers. Bayrli Inners are customizable with the included snap in inserts and you can use just one, two, or none at all depending on how much your baby wets through the night. 

Another great overnight option that is super absorbent and comfortable for your baby are our Bayrli Terry Cloth Diapers. Terry cloth diapers are extremely customizable and versatile with how you choose to fold and fit them on your little one and also pair very well under our Bayrli Outers. You have the option of adding a reusable Diaper Liner to this style to keep baby feeling dry overnight as well as making cleaning up a dirty diaper easier. Terry diapers are a better choice of night diapers when a family does not have access to a dryer as they are quick to dry, but can also be tumble dried if you do have a dryer.

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Bayrli®Is it too late to start using cloth diapers with my toddler?

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