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Bayrli®10 Practical Tips for Travelling with Reusable Diapers

10 Practical Tips for Travelling with Reusable Diapers

Wear. Wash. Reuse. Reduce. Save.

We're big fans of this mantra, and these tips are designed to help you stick to this when you are on your adventures.

We're all traveling again, and so many parents are going on their first trip with their baby! This is such an exciting time and so many memories will be made, and we're here to give you the best practical tips for traveling with cloth diapers so you can ensure all your memories are hopefully positive!

Traveling with reusable diapers can present a series of challenges that parents who use disposables do not encounter. For example, you cannot simply throw a reusable diaper away and move on; you are obliged to carry all your used diapers with you! Additionally, depending on the length of your trip, you may need to wash your diapers while traveling, which means packing extra supplies and possibly having to pay extra for luggage allowance or for a communal laundry service.

At Bayrli we think different. We firmly believe reusable diapers can be an essential companion for the out-going, conscious, considerate family. We assert reusable diapers can be entirely stress free, and our practical guide is just the thing to get you started. Bayrli diapers are secured in place with quality poppers which ensure a secure fit is never going to be an issue for your baby. You only need to bring the number of diapers you essentially need; you only need one or two extra diapers to spare and a Diaper Travel Cube.

Our Travel Cube has been designed exactly for this. Slim, secure, sealed, colorful. Once you change your baby’s cloth diaper you can use a take-along stash in one of our Diaper Travel Cubes and grab n’ go. These also double for a great way to transport snacks, toys, reusable wipes, and more!

What do you do with the dirty diaper once you’ve changed your baby? Place it in one of our Everyday Wet Bags nicely folded up until you arrive back home, and you can then either keep them in that bag until wash day or transfer them into one of our Deluxe Hanging Wet Bags for storing until wash day. The Everyday Bag features a snap handle which makes it easy to attach to your buggy, diaper bag, shower rods, or even throw over a hook to hang.

A bonus with our Everyday and Deluxe Wet Bags are that the zippered seal helps to contain any smells and keeps moisture locked inside and you can choose to either wipe them and reuse again for your next outing or wash them (inside out) with your diaper laundry.

When taking a short weekend break away, you can easily get through with 8-10 diapers in a travel cube and bring an Everyday Wet Bag for the dirty ones!


Here are 10 tips to get you started: 


1. Bring at Least 1 Wet Bag for dirty diapers and 1 Travel Cube for clean diapers

If you are cloth diapering on the go, you will need to prepare and have a few supplies for a bliss-free journey! One of those supplies is a wet bag. Wet bags are an essential tool for traveling with reusable diapers. A wet bag is specially designed to be waterproof and perfect for storing dirty cloth diapers. In addition, because they typically seal using a zipper, you can keep your wet reusable diapers away from your clean diapers. Our Bayrli Everyday Wet Bag is perfect for this. Need more room? Upgrade to our Deluxe Wet Bag!

2. Use Biodegradable Diaper Liners to minimize dealing with poop

Poop is without a doubt the most troublesome part of using cloth diapers, both at home and while traveling. If your son or daughter is still wearing diapers while traveling, you will need to plan to make vacations and adventures run as smoothly as possible.

We encourage you to consider using compostable liners when traveling with diapers. When your baby poops, the biodegradable liner will contain most of the mess within the liner, which you can then take out and flush or toss. Using disposable liners can make storing dirty cloth diapers less smelly and gross since most of the mess is flushed away, and in some cases, allow you to reuse the diaper too at a push.

If only Bayrli had a range of biodegradable liners for you to use...

3. Plan your washing routine

This part is essential. Perhaps the trickiest aspect of dirty reusable diapers while travelling is washing them; from finding the time to wash, to finding a washing machine, and then drying.

You could of course attempt handwashing cloth diapers, but this method can have some drawbacks; it can be physically tiring and is time consuming. If you do not have access to a washing machine, water source, or laundromat, you may want to consider using disposables while travelling.

If you really want to use your cloth diapers on vacation, check with the hotel or Airbnb you are staying at to see if you can use the available washing machine for cloth diapers.

If you need to hand wash, bear in mind they will not be thoroughly sanitized, but you can do soak in extra hot water or dry them in the sun to help. Then, once you are safe back home, you can resume your usual routine.

4. Remember the essential wash supplies

If you are washing your reusable diapers on vacation or a short weekend away, you will need some essential supplies. Preparedness is critical, but simple to do. It is best to pack the essentials as not all supplies will be readily available. Bring along your favorite cloth diaper detergent as well as a cloth diaper approved stain stick remover if you use this at home.

Consider your mode of travel too. For instance, if you are flying, check your laundry detergent in your bag and have some travel-sized packets in your carry-on for insurance. There are other options too. Laundry detergent can be readily purchased in a town or city, and many outlets offer free delivery when you shop online with them.

If you know in advance that you will be handwashing your cloth diapers, a sink plug and rubber latex gloves take up very little room in your luggage. You will also need a drying rack or travel cloth diaper laundry line to hang up where you are staying, but many places offer these for free. If there is a communal laundry machine on-site, you may need some coins to operate them.

5. You need enough diapers for 2 days

When planning for diapers to go, you need to consider a few things as we’ve stated. When factoring in that we advise you to ensure you have sufficient diapers for two full days, you need to consider your trip length to see if this is realistic for you. Of course, the number of diapers you need will depend on your child’s age, their development, and the number of diapers they typically use each day.

6. Consider bringing backup disposable diapers

We realize this is going against everything we stand for, and possibly against everything you stand for. Disposables can be used as an emergency back-up. And if you don’t use them on your trip, you can keep them stored for another day.

Disposables are inexpensive, compact, usually readily available, and easy to pack. Of course, once used they can be tossed away anywhere there is a trash can, so there is no need to carry around a dirty diaper with you while traveling.

Some people choose to forgo reusable diapers altogether while traveling and use disposables only. You do what’s best for you. But, again, you will have to weigh the pros and cons in every scenario and do what is best for you and your baby.

7. Dry diapers naturally when possible

Let’s use that giant yellow ball in the sky. UV light from the sun kills bacteria and other viruses. Multiple independent studies find that all bacteria within eight feet of low-intensity UV lights were killed within minutes. This is exactly what you need for cleaning your diapers.

If you are staying at a place with a balcony or a porch, you can simply lay your diapers over the railing. Such a place may have a drying rack for you too. If you don’t have access to direct sunlight, air-drying your reusable diapers inside is better than using a clothes dryer, just bear in mind it will take longer.

8. Use Flats and Covers to Save Space

Bayrli Flat Diapers are one of the most economical styles of cloth diapers when it comes to cost and space. Just like their name, they are flat and take up less packing area than our Deluxe Diapers and Everyday Diapers. With flats, you can also reuse the same Bayrli Outer cover multiple times before you need to wash it, making it even more travel friendly.

Diaper covers are incredibly handy even if you are not using flats because you can toss them over our Bayrli Inners too for the ultimate combination in long-lasting absorbency.

9. Prepare travel accessories

Before you depart, you will need to plan and gather all your diaper-changing accessories. Items such baby wipes, either disposable or organic cloth wipes, wet bags, biodegradable diaper liners, a changing pad, and a travel diaper pail.

You might also want to have cloth diaper-safe diaper cream on hand just in case your baby’s bottom develops a rash. The cloth safe aspect is important. Not all diaper creams are approved for use with cloth diapers, and you don’t want to find yourself stuck in a pinch of not being able to find what you urgently need. Please do not consistently apply a non-safe diaper cream which will lead to your diapers delaminating and failing on you.

You can use organic cloth diaper wipes on your holidays just as easily as disposables; keep them stored in a dry bag, then simply wet them with water when needed. You can store the dirty wipes with the dirty diapers until you can wash them. It really couldn’t be simpler!

10. Don't forget swim diapers

Heading to the pool or the beach? Our Outers can double as swim diapers when used on their own. We always advise children, especially babies, are never left unsupervised around a body of water. But you don't necessarily need to invest in disposable swim diapers or dedicated swimsuits as we realise costs can be tight.


Quick FAQ round:


How do I travel with cloth diapers?

Plan. Prep. Make sure you have enough for two days and bring along accessories such as biodegradable diaper liners, laundry detergent, and a few disposables if required for emergencies.

What do I do with my dirty cloth diapers while traveling?

Keep your dirty reusable diapers in a sealed wet bag while traveling. You can hand or machine wash depending on where you are staying.

How do I deal with reusable diapers in public?

The same way you do with disposables! But instead of throwing the diaper away, you fold it up and put it in our waterproof wet bag until you can wash it!

How long can I leave a cloth diaper on?

That depends on your child’s age, how often they wet or soil themselves, and the type of diaper you’re using on them. For instance, a Bayrli Inner will last you 4-8 hours comfortably, but an Everyday Diaper with a Bamboo Insert may only last 2-4 hours.

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